Each month oGoFloat will offer a unique Float Challenge. Your acceptance of the Float Challenge is entirely optional and oh, so rewarding! Get ready to win some salty prizes for slaying your goals! Here's how it works: 

  • Float Challenges are open to anyone and everyone, but Calm Down Float Club Members are always going to pay the best price. 

  • Each Float Challenge runs from the first of the month, to the last day of the month and not available in any other month. 

  • Please express your intention to participate in the Float Challenge so we can keep track and best support you in reaching your goals.  

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Try something new and we'll give you some cool oGoFloat swag. A sticker, fridge magnet, pin or the like. A few examples of getting creative with your float practice: 


  • float in different tanks at different times of day

  • request music at the beginning of your float

  • request a guided meditation 

  • experiment with float tools and movement

  • request an extended float

  • try a position you've never done before (have you floated on your tummy?)

We talk a lot about the medical and physical benefits of floating. Yes it's helpful for pain, stress, and anxiety, but one way floating can benefit every single person is through inspiration and creativity!

This month's Float Challenge encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. We hope you use the inspiration of the float tank to embark on a creative adventure outside your float practice.

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but wait! there's more!

In addition to the monthly Float Challenges, the person floats the most during 2022 will receive a super special salty prize!

The Fine Print

Float Challenges cannot be combined with another offer, including the Float Intro Package. 

All float credits or float vouchers awarded as prizes will expire within 90 days unless otherwise stated. 

oGoFloat reserves the right to refuse anyone's participation in the Float Challenges and distribute prizes as it sees fit.