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This month, we're honoring the remarkable individuals who prioritize self-care and understand the importance of nurturing themselves. Whether it's a moment of relaxation, a pursuit of personal growth, or simply a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, self-care is essential for overall well-being.

As a token of appreciation for our Calm Down Float Club Members who share in this philosophy, we've curated special offerings and an event to express our gratitude. 

If you're Float Club Member, we invite you to join us throughout this month to indulge these wonderful Member Perks. If you're not yet a Float Club Member, water you waiting for? 


Bring a Friend for Free

During the month of May, we invite you to bring a friend for FREE!

To qualify for this offer you must:

  • Be a current Float Club Member, with a valid credit card on file.

  • Your friend must come at the same time as you, and it must be during May 2024; no roll overs. 


new loofah

We've brought in new high quality soap pocket loofahs, available in 4 colours, and every Calm Down Float Club Member will receive one!

These high quality loofahs became hard to source for a while and we experimented with others which didn't fully satisfy. We're very happy to have these tremendous ones back in stock! 

The only condition, is that you must float this month. 



Please join us on May 26th from 4-7pm as we open up the whole house and back yard to invite every float member, your kids and spouses to join us for a BBQ and good times. 

Float Club MEAT and GREET!

(there will be plant based options, if you have more particular dietary needs please reach out to let us know, we're happy to accommodate for you). 

Basic BBQ foods will be provided. Typical sides and snacks, non alcoholic beverages, and perhaps some Gratify treats.


We kindly ask you to: 

  • RSVP with the form below

  • Reserve on site parking for those with mobility issues. Please park on Dauphin or South Main and walk over

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