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Meet  the Float Tanks

oGoFloat has two state-of-the-art float tanks, named Samadhi and Oasis, each designed to deliver consistently exceptional floating experiences.

Each tank has a unique footprint that varies a couple inches in either direction but they are essentially the same size. Explore the distinctive details of our Samadhi and Oasis tanks, both crafted to elevate your relaxation to unparalleled heights. 


Choosing between the two is not a matter of right or wrong; rather, it boils down to subtle preferences.  


Regardless of your choice, every meticulously calibrated float tank guarantees an equally immersive sensory-reduced environment. 

Meet the Float Tanks oGoFloat


The Samadhi room's rainforest theme is rooted in grounding and connection. The bold orange walls bring forth feelings of warmth, happiness, and confidence. Orange was chosen for it's power to uplift, rejuvenate, and inspire optimism. 

The luscious lifelike jungle plants, and contemplative primates in the room promote  examination and observance of our deepest rooted beliefs. 

This tank itself includes two buttons which control the built-in roof heater and lighting options, providing you with convenient customization.

The tank's door is remarkably lightweight, making it particularly favored by the super adult age group, ensuring ease of use and accessibility. Additionally, the redressing area within the float room boasts a touch more spaciousness, for added comfort.

Designed by Glen Perry in collaboration with John Lilly, neuroscientist and inventor of the float tank, this model with its tried and true features, delivers a sensory experience that is sure to resonate with the most discerning of float enthusiasts.


The Oasis float tank boasts a sleek white fiberglass finish. This room is designed to inspire the child in you! The outer space theme encourages you to take your brilliant ideas to the next level and think bigger than you have before. 

The bright yellow room promotes feelings of cheerfulness, creativity, sunshine, and energy, 


The door of the Oasis tank carries a bit more weight, and the dressing area is subtly snugger. 


Instead of a built in interior light; the Oasis includes a playful floating light up glow ball as the lighting option.  Some find solace in holding the glowing ball and find it a reassuring presence in the darkness, while others would be distracted. As always, it comes down to individual presence and personal comfort.


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