Meet  the Float Tanks

oGo Float has 2 float tanks, Samadhi & Oasis. Both float tanks produce dependably awesome floats and spaciously hold 800lbs of Epsom salt dissolved into less than 12" of filtered water.


The Samadhi float tank is housed in the moon room (the orange room).


It's 7.5ft long and 3.5ft wide, which is slightly longer and slightly narrower than the Oasis.


The Samadhi tank faces northeast, whereas the Oasis faces south. The door is lightweight and the room is a bit more spacious.


The Samadhi has a built in interior light and roof heater. 

The Oasis float tank is housed in the sun room (the yellow room).


It has a fiberglass exterior and is over 7ft long and 4ft wide which is a tiny bit shorter and a tiny bit wider than the Samadhi. 


The Oasis tank faces south, whereas the Samadhi faces northeast. The door is heavier and the room is a bit smaller.


The Oasis has no built in interior light; oGoFloat provides a fun floating light up ball for your comfort.



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