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What is Floating?

Imagine having the universe to yourself, the blissful sense of absolute peace. No distractions, no Internet chatter, no cell phone noise. No “What’s for dinner?” or “When are you doing laundry?” Not even the threat of it. Just you, taking an effortless moment to breath. Does it sound impossible? 

oGoFloat is here to grant you permission to Relax Harder.

oGoFloat is expertly designed to provide a distraction free, completely weightless environment. Your mind and body Relax Harder with each breath; your spirit grows with each float. Float therapy dissolves stress that you didn't know you were holding and lifts your soul with salty serenity. 

Take a break from processing the constant external sensory input of daily lives and open space for healing, meditation, problem solving, and so much more.

Why Go Float?

Why Go Float?

The short answer is because it feels amazing, relieves stress, and imprints a positive affect on your soul that can last for days. The long answer is a different story told by each floater.  Floating is proven to assist with high blood pressure, anxiety, muscle tension, physical, mental and emotional pain, and so much more.


Your 'Why' will be unique to you. The only way to know how the float tank will help you is to try it - and do it more than once! The near zero gravity environment is totally unique, and unlike anything else on this planet; it can take a few floats to fully relax and give in to the experience. Floating is a practice that gets better the more you do it (read further about building a float practice in this journal entry).


Every float is unique, and each one is a chance to learn, grow, and evolve. Those who receive the most significant benefits are those who have incorporated floating as a consistent part of their wellness regime. oGoFloat offers a Intro Float 3 Pack to make it easy for you to dip your toe into the salty waters.


If you are interested in the science behind floating, check out for a full list of all peer reviewed float studies.

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