Pre Float Procedures

Things to know before you float

Don't shave or wax on the day of your float. The dense Epsom Salt solution will sting cuts or open pores. The irritation is generally mild and temporary, but to prevent any issues it's best to avoid hair removal. 


Avoid caffeine, otherwise hydrate normally. Caffeine is a stimulant and in a float tank the goal is a calm and relaxed state of mind. If you can't imagine your day without your morning coffee try decaf or decrease your intake.


Eat a light meal 30 minutes prior to floating. A float tank is a very quiet environment, which amplifies the sound of your breath and heartbeat. If you've eaten too much, or too little you may also hear your stomach grumbling which can be distracting. 

After a float session you'll likely be in a slower state of mind; a state of bliss - taking time to appreciate the peripheral. Sometimes referred to as the post-float-glow, the effects can last for hours after your float. It's recommended not to schedule things you can't be late for after your float. Ideally plan your day around your float and only do things that you want to do, instead of things you need to do. 

You cannot float if...

You have recent tattoo work (4-6 weeks)

You have recently dyed hair (must pass a white towel test)

You, or your housemates have any symptoms  of illness (within the last 14 days) 

You are incontinent

You have epilepsy, not under control with medication

When in doubt please consult your physician 


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