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First Time Floater 3 Pack

Single Float | $75

1 x 90 minute Float.
Includes towels, ear plugs, all the things you need to float.
Expires in 2 years.


Intro 3 Pack | $177

3 x 90 minute Floats [$59ea].
Use all 3 within 4 weeks and receive a FREE float ! 
Non-shareable. Available once to each guest. Expires in 2 years.


Bulk Packages | $188+

3 x 90 minute Floats | $188 [~$62ea]

5 x 90 minute Floats | $299 [~$60ea]
Shareable. Expires in 2 years. 

Prices exclusive of taxes, and subject to change without notice. Float credits and vouchers are non-refundable, expire after 2 years, and are transferrable (with the exception of the Float Intro Pack).

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Club Membership


Those who float regularly receive the greatest benefit and in turn we offer the best price so you can afford to float as often as possible.

The launch fee of $99+gst includes your first float, introduction and ear plugs, your very own swag bag with personal soap and loofah. After your first float you'll receive 1 float per month for a recurring payment of $44+gst/month. 

  • Additional floats during the month are $44+gst.  

  • Your membership is SHAREABLE! Bring a friend to float at the same time, and they pay your price of $44+gst.

  • Receive discounts on gifted float vouchers $44+gst. 

  • FREE Birthday float! [must be redeemed the week of your birthday; 3 days before or after]. 

  • Credit card on file required. 

  • No term commitment; you may cancel any time. 

  • Float credits will not expire for so long as you are a member of the Calm Down Club. When you opt out of the Calm Down Club any accumulated floats will expire after 2 years.  


Send salty love to someone special!

Purchase packages of 1, 3, or 5 floats.

Schedule it to arrive in their inbox on a certain day/time, or reach out and pick up a gift wrapped Float Voucher. 


There is great benefit in the void; no light, no sound, no sensory input.
There is also benefit in engaging with one or more of your senses. oGo Float provides various options for you to play and experiment, some with an additional cost.  

Karma Discounts & DEALS

Health Care Worker
First Responder & Health Care Discount
Harvest Season

Click an image below to learn more about our Karma Discounts and Deals.
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Cancellation Policy

A no show or late cancellation (within 24 hours) may result in a warning, a $25 late cancellation fee, the requirement to prepay next time, or the forfeiture of a float credit. We understand life happens and a first offense will be treated lightly. Repeat offenders will face stiffer consequences.

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