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post float guide

We're so glad you're here! You have embarked on an amazing journey of discovery and self exploration that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Floating will guide you into a life of coherent alignment, offering emotional balance, mental clarity, and confidence.


All you have to do is, NOTHING.

This page includes a ton of information geared towards helping you develop a float practice that suits your goals and budget. Read through the suggestions on this page, check back later to absorb more information and if you have any unanswered questions don't hesitate to reach out. 

If you're motivated to make big changes in your life and want to use float therapy to make it happen let's schedule a free 30 minute strategy session to establish your float goals and build a personalized plan to get there.

Reach out to schedule your chill out strategy session. 

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These post float tips may come in handy...


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next time try,

You only need to learn how to float once, and from there it's all practice. There are so many ways to play within your float practice and find deeper healing and discovery. 

Guided Meditation or Music,

We have a few meditations and tracks on queue. If you have a specific recording you would like to listen to please bring your device. The sound platform must be able to Cast to a Google Chromecast audio only device. The audio only aspect means YouTube isn't available. Spotify works great. 


Get yourself a journal and keep it with you when you come to float. Capture your pre-float thoughts and intentions, then after your float note any observations or epiphanies you had. oGoFloat has designed a float guidebook including journal prompts and further suggestions to maximize your practice. Get it for FREE HERE

Combine floating with... 

Floating pairs excellently with all of your existing self care practices. Maybe incorporate a long walk, paddleboard, or delicious meal after your float. Catch a yoga class before or after, or schedule your float on the same day as a massage or acupuncture

Pre-Float Elixir or CBD,

Ask us for a recommendation for a pre-float elixir tailored to meet your goals. Incorporate your own pre float calming teas including CBD or cacao, remember to avoid caffeine. 

Post Float Flow Water,

Hydration is important after your float. We stock Flow waters to encourage optimal hydration. Available in 500ml and 1L options in a variety of flavours. 

Why does it feel so good?

Is it the exorbitant amount of Epsom salt? Is it the dark, or time alone with your thoughts? We all know water has massive healing properties, is it the feeling of returning to the womb? Or maybe it’s some kind of witchcraft or black magic?


   …. well…


The truth is, science doesn’t know exactly which component of floating makes it so special. More likely, it's the combination of everything, or rather the lack of anything that makes it so impactful. Although the ‘How’ is open for creative interpretation, floating is a science backed modality with numerous studies supporting it’s pain and anxiety reducing effects.


If you want to dig into the science of floating visit It’s an excellent resource which includes a list of all of the peer reviewed, published studies, as well as a TED Talk, and presentations from the Float Conference.


What's Next?

Much like sculpting a six-pack at the gym, achieving lasting benefits from float therapy takes time and dedication. While some people experience profound changes in a single session, it's important to remember that floating is a journey, not a one-time fix. Just as life continues to present its challenges, float therapy offers an ongoing source of healing and rejuvenation. After experiencing the transformative power of the float tank, you'll find it irresistible to stay away, as it continually unveils new layers of well-being and relaxation.

We have a variety of options to guide you on a path to salty serenity. 

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