covid-19 | Corona-virus status

Shortly after we made the decision to close oGoFloat the order came to close all non essential businesses, including 'spa' services. Closing has allowed us to shift our focus from toxic media consumption to improving oGoFloat during the down time. 

We would be honoured if you maintain your membership during this time, but acknowledge that the financial hardship of this global pandemic will impact each and every one of you. Please contact us if you need to pause your membership.

As soon as it's reasonably possible you're going to need a float! You might even need a few. To thank you for maintaining your membership we will give you an extra FREE float with your next renewal. You can use it yourself or bring a friend; totally up to you. Floating is really helping to keep me sane during all this; I wish so badly I could deliver or virtually bring you a float tank. On the other side of this I hope society will recognize how valuable it is to stop, be calm, and Relax Harder.

We love playing games, so to pass the time oGoFloat will host a live game of FLOAT BINGO! Follow us on Facebook for details of the date and time and your chance to win more floats!


Stay well our floaty friends. We're stronger together. 

Julie & Devon