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come have fun with us!

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🎉 Join us June 24, 2023 from 11am-4pm for a super fun afternoon of games, prizes, and treats galore! 🎉

We celebrate paradise and weightlessness with the ethereal delight of freshly spun cotton candy, swirling in delicate flavors. Entertain your senses as the delicate sweetness melts on your tongue, transporting you to a sugary utopia.






There's no shortage of events this weekend, pop in on your way to the next event. Play a game, enter to win a prize! 

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SPIN WHEEL - Win Float Dollars, sweet swag, or a high five!

DUCK PULL - Pick out a rubber duck and receive the corresponding prize indicated on the bottom. 

FLOAT TANK RACE - Using the force of a water gun race your float tank to the opposite side of the pool. Winners get bragging rights. 

PINKO - Test out our custom floaty pinko board and take the path of enlightenment to win great prizes, but be mindful of the stress pit and anxiety alley! 

TRIVIA - Answer Float Trivia for your chance to WIN 1 Month of Unlimited Floating!

one day deals

Join the Calm Down Float Club and receive 2 floats at sign up! 

Flow waters on sale!

WIN!! 1 Month of Unlimited Floating with the Float Trivia contest!

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lights, camera, action!

Tell us why you love floating! 

As we prepare to immerse ourselves in the enchantment of our Cloud 9 themed party at oGoFloat, we would like to extend a special invitation to you to be a part of something truly magical. We invite you to share your love for floating through the power of video. 

Let your voice be heard, as you recount the sensations, insights, and peace you've experienced during your floating sessions. Your personal story will not only inspire others but also contribute to the collective magic of this event.

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1. Can I bring my kids and/or dogs?

   A: YES! 

2. Where should I park?

    A: Parking could get interesting, we encourage you to walk, bike, or additional parking is available on Dauphin Avenue. 

3. How can I help out? 

     A: We'd happily welcome your help! Reach out by phone 250-488-2930 or email


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