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Each month oGoFloat will add floats to the Karma Float Fund. These floats are available to successful applicants. Sometimes Calm Down Float Club members add floats to the Karma Float Fund. When a member moves away or has accumulated excess floats they can request to give their salty riches to someone else through the Karma Float Fund. We offer these floats to members of our community to promote wellness and kick stress.  


The intention is to give these floats to people who are going through a particularly hard time, need an extra boost, or to whom regular self care feels out of reach. 


Read the How It Works section below and submit your application for a Karma Float. We'll reach out to let you know if you're eligible. 

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Thank you for sharing September's Karma Floats for Teachers. We were able to offer 10 teachers and educators Karma Floats.


If you missed it don't stress! Teachers and educator's use the discount code below to save $10 off your first float. ​

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how it works

How It Works

Karma Floats are offered on a pay what you can basis. You can literally pay whatever you want to for a full 90 minutes of recovery and relaxation in one of our quality float tanks. Only have $5? Cool. Pay that. $50 feel comfortable for you? That's perfect. Want to pay $500? We won't argue! Pay whatever it feels like it's worth to you. 

Some of our Karma Day's are totally open to anyone and some are offered to groups or sectors of the population. Some Karma Day's are filled by application, some by nomination, and others simply by sign up. Stay tuned to this page or sign up for our newsletter to receive notice of future Karma Float Programs. 

Just because it's donation based doesn't mean we don't have our usual late cancellation or no-show policy in effect. A no show or late cancellation (within 24 hours) may result in a warning, a $25 late cancellation fee, the requirement to prepay next time, or the forfeiture of a float credit. For this reason your credit card is required at booking. 

If you can comfortably afford to float at our usual prices, we ask that you consider leaving spots available for those who can't. Our hope here is to reach those for whom proper self-care usually feels out of reach. But we'll ask no questions and make no judgements, no matter who you are, no matter what you pay.

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