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Float like a girl: The intimate details of floating and feminine health

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Let’s not beat around the bush; I want to talk about vagina’s! I’ll start by taking this one off the shelf - Yes! You can absolutely float during your period, with the use a tampon or feminine hygiene cup, preferably the latter. But we’re not done yet ladies, we have more to talk about!

Floating reduces inflammation, eases pain and releases muscle tension, so if you feel comfortable floating during your period it could be just what you need to beat those PMS blues. Obviously we don't want any foreign matter entering the float solution so if you are unable to go 90 minutes without 'refreshing' you shouldn't float until you have a lighter flow. You know your body better than anyone else so use your best judgement on when is the best time to float. Tampons have the potential to wick salt water closer inside of you, therefore a feminine hygiene cup is preferred during menstruation. If you haven’t gotten on the cup bandwagon I highly suggest you look into it, it’s oGo Float approved!

Some women have reported a slight to moderate discomfort in or around their vagina during floating. It’s fairly rare and may only happen once, or never. If it does happen there is nothing wrong with you, there are various reasons this can happen. When women experience discomfort it’s usually due to a pH imbalance, hormonal shift or transition, small tears from a vigorous sexual encounter (go get it girl!), or when your body is fighting off a yeast infection, UTI, or STI. If you believe you have an infection especially the itchy kind, floating will probably not be enjoyable at this time. Follow doctor's orders and float once you're back to a healthy balance. Women who are younger, older or in full swing of their menstruation cycle seem to be at a higher risk of irritation due to pH and hormone changes.

Applying a layer of petroleum jelly (aka Vasaline) over the labia will prevent water from making full contact and minimize the irritation. Some women are not keen on applying a petroleum product to their lady bits and would prefer a beeswax or other base product. The alternatives we've tested haven't held up as effectively as the jelly so oGo Float doesn't have anything else on hand. You are welcome to bring the product of your choice, but please speak to us about it first so we can read the label and make sure it won't affect the solution.

Again I remind you this is rare, and if you do experience discomfort it’s likely mild or temporary. I am not bashful about vaginal health. If you experience vagina issues while floating please pull me aside, send me an email whatever makes you feel comfortable to tell me about it. I want to make sure I have as much information as possible when making recommendations to fellow floaters. The more information I have, the better I can help others.

In my personal float practice, I haven't experienced any vagina issues, but rarely I experience nipple tenderness. Usually right around my menstruation cycle and/or when I've been living bra-lessly with a heavy shirt and my nips are a little raw. I apply jelly in the same manner and it solves the problem.

My personal float journey is tightly connected to my womanhood. About 4 months before I started floating I had switched my birth control method from that of a typical contraceptive to a copper IUD with no hormones. I felt that one decade of pumping my body with artificial hormones was probably enough. Today I am very happy with that decision, but the first 4 months were honestly hell. I had my period almost everyday. On days when I experienced only spotting I felt like I’d won the lottery. I was trying to maintain patience with my body, hoping it would get back on track. Eventually I started to worry that I would have to come to terms with daily bleeding for the rest of my life. I had no idea that floating would help what was turning into a desperate situation, but after only my second float my period completely went away! Not for a day, not for a week, but for a full 28 day cycle. I have had a dependable menstrual cycle ever since. I absolutely contribute this to the float tank and its ability to regulate and balance hormones.

It's also common for women who have struggled to conceive to become pregnant fairly soon after discovering floating. It's far from scientifically proven, but seems true in the people around me. See this post Pregnancy and Floating for more information!

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