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How floating can advance your career

Updated: Apr 1

Do you have a job? Is it stressful? Of course it is. Even when you love your job there are days that seem overwhelming. If you're never stressed you're not pushing yourself enough. Some stress is necessary to motivate us to do better and achieve goals, but too much stress quickly wreaks havoc on your body, mind, and soul.

If you are working every day to advance your career I am reaching out to tell you how floating can help you make the most of the job that you love… or tolerate a job you don’t love. Here are a few ways floating can help you with your work life.

Stress – many jobs are fast paced, high stress and include high personal accountability. The effects of stress are well documented and the list of directly linked illnesses is continually increasing. I don’t need to tell you how dangerous stress is for your physical, mental, and emotional health. The float tank has been accredited with so many benefits, and yet the underlying number one benefit is the decrease in stress. There are many jobs that teeter on strict deadlines and time constraints. My former life in real estate was a constant battle against the clock and there never seemed to be enough hours in a day. Dedicating yourself to a dependable float practice will allow you to work more effectively while being less clouded by the fog of stress. What about headaches? Do you get them? Many headaches are caused by stress and floating can helps decrease the number and intensity of headaches. So basically, you’ve got nothing to lose but stress!

Sleep – nurses, health care professionals and emergency personnel often work odd hours and rotate from day to night shifts. These irregular sleep schedules have a major impact on one’s health, relationships and quality of life. Studies have linked irregular shift work with increased risk of diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart attack and are at a higher risk of workplace accidents. Some people claim that 90 minutes in a float tank equates to a full night’s sleep [entirely unsubstantiated]. If you work irregular shifts I highly recommend float therapy to help you transition between sleep schedules. Likewise, if you travel for your work a float tank can provide amazing relief for jet lag. When I travel the first thing I do is look for a float tank! An overwhelming majority of people report having a full and restful sleep after a float.

Creativity – floaters are creative people! Floating sparks inspiration and creativity unlike any tool I’ve ever used in my life. I have conceptualized marketing strategies, business goals and effective ways to communicate them. My ideas don’t only come to me while I’m in the tank but after when my brain has been cleared of all the other junk. I have taken up painting projects and I find myself trying to write things that people might want to read. My journey is not an exception, but more likely the rule. You don’t have to be an especially good artist to do something creative that you enjoy. We were all once children that loved to colour, paint and build sculptures out of play-dough. Children create things because they enjoy it, not because they are especially good at it. Not that I suggest everyone take up popsicle sticks and sparkles; to some people creativity shows in the form of playing music, baking, or writing code. No matter how you define creativity I am certain that you will discover ideas you never thought possible with the use of the tank. How could your business be improved by creating a more efficient storage system or a dynamite marketing strategy? It’s amazing the ideas your brain is holding, the trick is to silence the nonsense and listen to what it has to say.

Physical Pain Relief – many labourers, care aids, customer service, sanitation professionals have physically demanding work. Aching muscles and joints experience a huge sigh of relief in the float tank. In the weightless environment, the pressure on your internal systems is eased allowing the Epsom Salts to aid in reducing inflammation and pulling lactic acid out of your muscles. Chronic pain is so debilitating that no matter how unphysical your job is, it can make it unbearable to get through the day. If you could move easier, and your pain was tempered would you enjoy your job more? Would it make it easier to go to work and get everything done without your muscles seizing or your back hurting?

Introvert vs. Extrovert – Each person’s personality is unique and (supposedly) falls somewhere on the spectrum of introverted to extroverted. An extrovert gets their energy from being around others, and an introvert draws energy from within. An introvert is usually quieter, more thoughtful, they prefer to write than speak, whereas an extrovert is usually louder, the life of the party, and make for exceptional public speakers. But no one is 100% introverted, or 100% extroverted all the time and we need to draw upon both.

Every job requires a component of extroverted skills. Before you even get a job you need to prove your public speaking skills at an interview in a room of people you don’t know. Real estate, lawyers, salespeople, and insurance agents all have highly extroverted jobs. Maintaining the energy and slick communication skills required for customer relations takes a lot of effort. Floating is a great way to spend time on your introverted self which in turn helps you think more critically, and communicate more effectively. The number of times that public speaking and communication skills come in handy are endless and not limited to any profession. You need to feed your introverted self in order to succeed extrovertedly and there is no where better to spend time with yourself than in a float tank.

Be Nicer to Everyone - One of the first things I noticed about floating was how much nicer I was to other people and to myself. Coworker and customer interactions are stressful. You spend more time with your coworkers than you do your friends or family, and you likely have no choice on who you are stuck with. Since floating, I'm a better listener, slower to judgement, and I take the time to view situations from various perspectives.

As evidence, I submit this statement that a co-worker wrote about me during a game.

If that isn't a winning testimonial I don't know what is!

There are many more aspects of a float tank that can help you advance your career or jump start a career you didn’t even know you wanted. A regular float practice will help you sleep better, feel better, think better and communicate more effectively.

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