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Your perfect float: How to perfect your practice

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Everyone floats for different reasons; everyone’s float practice is unique to them.

oGo Float supports your journey, in whichever way floating resonates with you right now.

The goal of a float tank is to eliminate sensory input. The float room should be able to reach complete darkness, complete silence, and maintain a steady temperature. It’s up to the floater to choose how much darkness, silence and sensory input they want.

Your float practice will evolve and change from time to time.

oGo Float offers completely customizable floats. There are many ways to experiment with a variety of options available upon request. Some people will use these options as enhancements to their float experience, and others would find them a complete distraction. I encourage you to experiment and see what floats your style.

LIGHT – You can leave the light on or turn it off. You can change your mind half way through. You can leave the door open a crack or use the pool noodle to prop the door open. Studies have shown that floating with the light on is just as effective as off. The Glow Ball provided in Oasis offers a colourful light show.

TOOLS – oGo Float provides a float halo for neck support, a Nekdoodle, and pool noodles for position and stretching options. Experiment with the tools and various positions; listen to what feels comfortable to your body.

MOVEMENT – Concentrating on being entirely still is a fantastic float focus but stretching in the tank is also beautiful. When you’re floating with almost no effects of gravity, everyday stretches can take on a whole new depth and the sensations are more precisely felt.

TEMPERATURE – The temperature can’t be changed too far in either direction but if you find you are consistently wishing the temp was up or down let us know. We have tips to help you self regulate your temperature or if necessary, we can nudge the settings slightly.

AUDIO – the tanks are equipped with audio, that’s how we notify you of the end of your float. We have the option of playing music or meditations for all, or part of your float. oGo Float is pleased to offer iRest Mindfulness Mediation for Float Therapy by Sarah Maynard-Murray.

If you have a track or playlist that you want to float with bring it on your device and we’ll set it up for you.

VERBAL – many musically inclined people will sing to themselves while floating. Beat boxers, oral linguists, om’ers, chanters, Kundalini folk, or public speakers. If this is you, and you want to get real loud about it just give us a heads up so we don’t think something is wrong.

SMELL – the goal of the float room is a neutral smell, but it will always smell like Epsom salt. Another product that we love is called Float Scents. It’s a high quality lip balm infused with essential oils (Spearmint, Lavender, Rosemary, or Frankincense) intended to be applied immediately prior to floating. This allows aromatherapy to accompany you in the tank without messing with the water chemistry.

TIME - Floating at a different time of day may have a noticeable effect on your float. In my personal practice I find morning floats to be more like strategy meetings whereas evening floats are more relaxing. Both hold value. You can also experiment with the duration of your float. oGo Float hosts 90 minute floats by default but we're able to extend the float upon request.

There are ‘float purists’ that believe the fully sensory reduced environment is the only way to really get all of the benefits floating has to offer. There is benefit in the void, but I’ve also met people that listen to music throughout their floats and still experience a quantitative increase to their quality of life. We are of no authority to dictate your float preferences. While we encourage you to experience floating in complete darkness and silence, we’re able to accommodate requests to help you on your personal journey.

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