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It's Tool Time! Getting comfy in the tank

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Most people don't use tools. The total comfort of laying uninhibited in the dense supportive solution is the preferred state for the majority of our floaters, but sometimes due to injury or life changes you may need to call upon some additional supports. Pregnant people's bodies are changing on a daily basis, as might their float preferences. All tools are optional. In an environment designed to reduce your external stimuli, the tools, which are causing tactile sensations, can seem counterproductive. We encourage you to experiment to find your comfort zone and mix it up from time to time.

Introducing the tool family:

Floatease Halo.

This is a Floatease Halo, it's just the perfect amount of support, while being so lightweight; you hardly notice it's there! The high density Epsom salt solution will absolutely support you, but because it's a new environment sometimes you can find yourself holding your neck a little weird. The Floatease Halo provides support to allow you to adjust to your private sea.

If you are a sleep-floater it's a nice way to ensure your head doesn't dip to the side increasing the chance of getting salt in your eyes #PracticeSafeSalt #RudeAwakening

The Pool Noodle.

Lovely artist drawing photo credit to Float Tank Solutions and Kathryn Sullivan!

I'm sure you've met. A pool noodle can feel good under your knees, especially if you have knee or lower back issues. It tilts your pelvis just enough to change your posture. You can use the pool noodle in any way that feels comfortable. Some use it to stabilize, some rest their arms on it and lay on their belly. My favorite noodle position is to place it vertically under my spine. I direct my shoulder blades back in a reverse hug. It makes for a very unique back bend that feels good for my body. Every body is different.


It's a thick super buoyant floaty device. This is the bulkiest of the tools we have available. If you use it as intended (around your neck), it will bring you into more of a seated position and your ears will be above the solution. The main reason oGo Float offers the Nekdoodle is because I had an awesome belly float with a Nekdoodle once. Worth every penny; tummy floating is neat and really expansive in the hips. You might enjoy reversing the Nekdoodle, placing the larger part under your shoulders and let your head dip into the hole. (pictured above middle)

We hope you've enjoyed meeting the tools. Play around and find what works for you, and then tell us all about it so we have more information and better recommendations for our floaters.

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