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Float Bingo!

There are no upcoming Float Bingo games scheduled.

Follow us on social media to receive notice of future games. 

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How it works:

1. Get a Score Card from oGoFloat before 6:30pm on the day of the event.  Send us a message on Facebook or email us at and request your score card! We want everyone to play, your first card is always free. You can get extra cards and extra chances to WIN by donation! Suggested donation: $5 per extra card. You can send funds through our mailbox or by:

2. Tune in LIVE on Facebook each Monday at 7pm to play along. 

3. Bingo! Each card contains 24 floaty terms and a free middle square, situated on a 5 by 5 grid. When the game starts, random floaty words are drawn from the bingo ball roller and we talk about the chosen term and offer some floaty facts. If you complete a winning pattern (see below) on your scorecard comment BINGO, the pattern achieved and your card number

4. WIN! The first winner to comment BINGO, Card #__ & Pattern will get their choice of prize and subsequent winners will choose from the remaining prizes. To redeem your prize you must answer a skill testing question. 

Winning Patterns
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We play 1 game, your goal is to reach one or more of these patterns during the game. When you reach a full pattern, comment BINGO with the pattern completed, and your scorecard number (bottom right corner). The first person to comment BINGO (including card number and pattern) will get first choice of prize, subsequent winners will choose from the remaining prizes in the order they commented. We will confirm the BINGO's after the game and reach out to each winner to confirm. 

Not all patterns need to be claimed, and once one pattern has been won it doesn't take it off the table for others. For example, 3 people could win with an "L" pattern and no "O" pattern is claimed. You card can only win once in each prize level. 


the prizes!!!

We're excited to use this opportunity to highlight some amazing community focused individuals and businesses who have graciously donated prizes for you to win. The prizes will change each week. Please check out these businesses (click the images to learn more) and shop local. 

The first player to comment BINGO will get the first choice of prize, and subsequent BINGO's will get their choice of prize from the remaining prizes. To redeem your prize you must answer a skill testing question. 

June 1st prize winners!

May 25th prize winners!

May 18th prize winners!

May 11th prize winners!

May 4th prize winners!

April 27th prize winners!

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April 20th prize winners!

April 13th prize winners!

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April 6th prize winners!

Have Questions? Reach out!

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