oGoFloat is temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 virus, but it doesn't change our primary goal of boosting happiness and reducing stress while increasing float awareness.

So we thought, let's play games! 

Each Monday we will come to you LIVE on Facebook to play Virtual Float Bingo!

Join us to learn more about floating and WIN great prizes!

How it works:

1. Get a Score Card from oGoFloat.  Email us at RelaxHarder@oGoFloat.ca and request your score card! We want everyone to play along, a donation is not required, but we're hopeful that if you have a few bucks to spare you'll donate in exchange for an extra score card and extra chances to WIN! Suggested donation: 2 cards for $5. You can send funds through our mailbox or by:

2. Tune in LIVE on Facebook each Monday at 7pm to play along. 

3. Bingo! Each card contains 24 floaty terms and a blank square, situated on a 5 by 5 grid. When the game starts, random floaty words are drawn from the bingo ball roller and we talk about the chosen term and offer some floaty facts. If you complete a winning pattern (see below) on your scorecard comment BINGO! 

4. WIN! There are two levels of prizes (see below) based on pattern complexity with a total of 5 prizes up for grabs. The first winner to comment BINGO will get their choice of prize. There is a maximum of 60 cards playable per week. 

oGoFloat Banner Bingo.png

We play 1 game, your goal is to reach one or more of these patterns during the game. When you reach a full pattern, comment BINGO with your scorecard number (bottom right corner) then we'll confirm your win. The first person to comment BINGO will get first choice of prizes within the category (big or little), subsequent winners will choose from the remaining prizes in the order they commented. 

Not all patterns need to be claimed, and once one pattern has been won it doesn't take it off the table for others. For example, 3 people could win with an "L" pattern and no "O" pattern is claimed. 


the prizes!!!

We're excited to use this opportunity to highlight some amazing community focused individuals and businesses who have graciously donated prizes for you to win. The prizes will change each week. Please check out these businesses (click the images to learn more) and shop local. 

There are two levels of prizes based on pattern complexity. The first player to comment BINGO will get the first choice of prize, and subsequent BINGO's will get their choice of prize from the remaining prizes. 

little prizes on April 13th

big prizes on April 13th

April 6th prize winners!

K9Possible Dog Training
Pet First Aid Kit provided by K9 Possible Dog Training
Spiritleaf Penticton
CBD Tea provided by Spiritleaf Penticton
Bath & Relax Kit
Bath and Relax Kit provided by oGoFloat
Phoenix Massage Therapy
Crainosacral Session with Sarah Morrison of Phoenix Massage Therapy
Float provided by oGoFloat
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Have Questions? Reach out!

Like so many other businesses, oGoFloat is dealing with the feeling of uncertainty and the anxiety that comes with such a huge lifestyle shift. We acknowledge how fortunate we are to have oGoFloat built into our home.  We're able to maintain isolation while caring for and using the float tanks. 

The tanks get lonely without minds to expand, anxiety to ease, and aches to sooth. 

You can rest assured that no matter what the future holds, oGoFloat will reopen (I hear the landlord is pretty lenient). All float vouchers will be honoured, all timelines and expiry dates are on hold, memberships are coming to a close. When we figure out what our new normal is going to be, you're going to need those floats for stress, anxiety, and physical relief. In the interim oGoFloat will need to manage ongoing expenses. We have no way to deliver floating to you, or offer it virtually, so we thought, let's play BINGO!

The #1 best part of having float tanks in your home is the FLOATING! There have been times recently when it gets hard to stay positive, then I hop into the float tank and find balance. It's been such a blessing and I wish so much I could share it with you right now
- Julie

A thank you to those able to donate,

Thank you to everyone reading this for being our friend and for helping us get through this. Your small donations will help us more than you know and from the bottom of our buoyant hearts we thank you. We encourage you to shop local as much as possible and support your favorite small businesses. Buy a gift card, order delivery from your favorite restaurant, and continue being excellent to one another! 

With all our love, oGoFloat. 

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By appointment only, open most days 7am - 10pm