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Valentine's Day is here and due to the pandemic it's increasingly difficult to plan a date night.  There’s no new movies, casino, games, singing, or dancing and no travel. It’s time to think inside the box.  


We have the perfect date night for you. 


Instead of spending 2 hours getting ready to go out, you come to oGoFloat dressed ready to #RelaxHarder. While you’re floating you visualize your partner laying naked in the next room and think about all the reasons you’re grateful to have them in your life. You're reminded of, and focus on all the ways your partner enriches and improves your life. You find yourself giddy in love all over again. 


In your post float shower you'll wash yourself head to toe for the second time, cleaning every crack and crevice. After your float you delicately share cookie dough bite snacks from Gratify.  


Still beaming from your post float glow, you'll head over to The Nest for a delicious post float meal where you'll receive a complementary appetizer and 15% off a bottle of wine. Instead of the usual “how was work today?” you share about your float and the thoughts and feelings you experienced. You discuss your goals for the future and how you’re going to achieve them together.


Date night doesn't end there! Included in your Float Date package is a voucher for a discounted stay ($75/night) at Hotel Penticton and Breakfast at Bear's Den Restaurant. Leave the dishes, laundry and other stresses from home behind and enjoy a carefree staycation night away. 


After allowing your senses to #RelaxHarder you find they are now primed and extra sensitive to input. You take in the smell of your partner's hair, feel their touch against your skin… and well… we’ll let you take it from there.

Make sure you reserve BOTH float tanks when booking your Float Date 

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Your float date will be experienced concurrently but in separate float tanks. At oGoFloat we are huge proponents of couples floating, unfortunately we are not set up to offer it at this time. Read more about couples floating in this blog post. While you're there you may also enjoy this float tank erotica short story to get you into the mood.  


Float Date is available anytime in February 2021. Gratify cookie dough bites are provided while supplies last.

The Nest voucher for a complementary appetizer and 15% off a bottle of wine and,

Hotel Penticton voucher for $75/night Staycation and & $7.99 Breakfast at Bear's Den Restaurant are valid until March 1, 2021. You don't need to use them on the same day as your Float Date but it would be a fantastic combination.