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Float Date

$149.00/ 2 Floats*

  • Brownie & Cookie bites from Gratify

  • 2 Alkaline Flow Waters

  • $100+ Local Biz Coupons


*Float Club Members: follow the link to see your exclusive price!

Get ready for an unforgettable experience you'll be talking about long into the future. 

This February, treat your special someone to the ultimate in relaxation. The Float Date package includes 2 float credits, intended for you and your lover to book concurrent floats, at the same time in separate tanks. 


After your float session, join your partner in the relax lounge and enjoy delicious dessert bites from Gratify and crisp, naturally alkaline Flow waters

You'll also receive a package of #LoveLocal offers worth $100+ from Penticton businesses. Check out the offers and give these #Local businesses some love. 

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solo float date

Q. What if there isn't a friend or lover you want to float date?

Why not double date yourself? One person can absolutely purchase and receive this amazing double February float package with treats. Wine and dine yourself, buy yourself flowers. #YouAreWorthIt

Love in the float lane: 
Elevate Your Relationship with a Float Date

Curious about the magic behind a Float Date? Dive into our latest blog post, featuring exclusive Date Night Edition #ProFloatTips that will elevate your next float date to a serene and unforgettable success.

We know a thing or two about setting A mood

Our cozy float studio is a private sanctuary of serenity designed to help you #RelaxHarder. The ambiance sets the mood for a romantic evening fraught with deep connection. 

If you need a little more help setting the mood, check out this super salty, and silly float tank erotica story. 

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