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one weekend only!

Let us take care of you! After an ultra relaxing 90 minute float and only steps from our front door you'll find your way into an aromatherapy sauna session from Backwoods Sauna Okanagan with delicious snacks from The Nest

Float, sauna, and snacks for two, including aromatherapy sauna brew for only $230+tax per couple!

As always oGoFloat Club Members always pay the best price at only $180+tax per couple. 

This offer is available only on February 12 & 13, 2022 with limited spots available.

Please read this page in it's entirety and then phone/text or email us to reserve your spot! 

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The Float:

Your float date will be experienced concurrently but in separate float tanks (despite what the pictures show) for up to 90 minutes. At oGoFloat we are huge proponents of couples floating, unfortunately we are not set up to offer it at this time. Read more about couples floating in this blog post

After your post float shower instead of getting dressed you'll slip into your housecoat and head outside. Steps from our front door you'll find the sauna and a private tent with an appetizer plate from The Nest. oGoFloat has housecoats and booties available, but for your own comfort and guaranteed best fit, we suggest you bring your own housecoat and outdoor footwear. 

The Sauna: 

Backwoods Sauna Okanagan will park a solar powered wood stoked sauna in the driveway at oGoFloat. After your float you will retreat to the private sauna for up to 60 minutes of sweat time. Get extra decadent with an aromatherapy sauna brew, choose from Eucalyptus or Lavender. Please note, there will not be access to a shower after your sauna. You will be provided with plenty of towels and a private tent available for post float/sauna needs. 

The Snack: 

The Nest is finalizing the details of a sampling of delicious treats for you to enjoy after your float. Rest assured the food will be modern, elevated, hand crafted and local. If you have specific dietary restrictions or strong aversions please let us know at booking. 

COVID Considerations:

It's increasingly difficult to find things to do while keeping you, your family and others safe. Rest assured at oGoFloat we clean hard so you can #RelaxHarder. You can read all about our cleaning procedures in this blog post, and consider the Covid risk assessment in this blog post, but essentially the entire float room is disinfected between each user and the same attention to detail will apply to cleaning the sauna between each user. Given the small party of two human beings who are bubble buddies the potential for exposure is low and we believe this to be one of the safest date activities you could do. 


  • $100 deposit is required to reserve your spot, payable by EFT, or credit card. The deposit is nonrefundable if you cancel with less than 24+ hours notice. If you need to cancel with less than 24 hours due to a Covid exposure or any other illness please let us know asap. If we are able to fill your spot we will refund your deposit fully. If oGoFloat needs to postpone the event due to a Covid exposure or any other illness on our end your deposit can be transferred to the future event, or refunded fully. 

  • Please bring your own housecoat and footwear suitable for the walk outside to the sauna.  

  • Sessions start at the usual float times, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm & 8pm. The whole experience will be approximately 3 hours. 

  • Both parties will need to complete a waiver to oGoFloat for the float (if you haven't already been here and done so) and a separate waiver for the sauna to Backwoods Sauna Okanagan. You will be sent a link to the waiver in the confirmation booking email.