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A Salty Seduction; one woman's first journey into the deep self.

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

The seed had been planted. A promise of dark, silent, nothingness. At first it sounded like a bad dream, a nightmare of sadomasochism, but before long the seed had grown roots. Over time, her secret curiosity led to a deeper understanding. The idea was so simple, yet radical. She had the career, beautiful family and white picket fence, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing; deep inside her was a void seeking fulfillment.

The ad described 10 inches of thick wet solution surrounding your naked body, and nothing else. No lights, no sounds. Only private personal exploration and interoception.

The allure of physical weightlessness called out to her until eventually curiosity burned out the fear and she could no longer deny her temptation. She went online and scheduled a date. Her whole body trembled with anticipation.

She arrived at her destination holding equal enthusiasm and hesitance. Tepid, but open, she wondered if she had made the right decision. Would it be a good fit? Should she have swiped left? No. She craved this, she knew she was ready to step out of her comfort zone.

She listened anxiously while the host provided detailed instructions with a fail safe for every position. When the big reveal came, she gleefully peered into the void with excitement, she couldn’t take her eyes off it! You only get 1 first time.

Soon she was all alone. As instructed, she gently removed her clothing, folded her panties, stripped away her jewelry and stepped into the shower. She caressed her body with soapy hands, cleaning each crevice with care and enthusiasm. Naked, wet, and vulnerable, she watched as a bead of water rolled down the steamy shower door. With attention and intention, she mindfully washed away her expectations.

She carefully stepped into the apparatus; one foot at a time. She sat into the solution and felt it push back against her. As she laid down, she felt a rush come over her belly. The weight of the solution sending tingles up her spine. With unquivering brute force, the buoyant solution thrusted her to the surface. Her muscles surrendered to the warm waters; completely supported by its loving embrace.

The moist environment took some adjusting but with each breath she settled a little more, relaxed a little harder. Her hips sunk a little deeper and she let the calm overpower her.

Suddenly she found herself pressed up against the wall, and the next moment floating wildly through space and time. A strange feeling surged through her veins and she realized what she was feeling wasn’t a new sensation at all, it was the absence of sensation. There was absolutely nothing touching her. No person, no straps, no shoes, just weightlessness.

She became aware of her breath and felt it moving in and out of her body. She listened to the calming of her throbbing heartbeat and felt the warmth of her pulse reverberate through the whole tank. Her attention was lured deep inside, almost as if she could see the inner workings of her vessel. She watched and listened as each of her cells worked in unison, connecting her body, mind, and spirit. Her imagination ran wild between fantasy and memories. Vibrations rushed through her soul.

She laughed at the thought of her hesitation coming in. “Far from a dungeon, this is a safety bubble. No need for a safe word here”, she thought. “This is the one place where I am totally free from the demands of life. In this moment I am not a mom, or a lover, I'm not an employee, I am just me. There’s no social media, no expectations or social norms. This is what total freedom feels like.”

And just as she reached the climax of Theta and thought she couldn’t relax any harder, delicate music gradually enveloped her and gently pulled her back into her physical sensations. Her toes curled and her back arched as she slowly came back into her body; allowing herself to drift towards the door. As she stepped back into the shower, drops of thick solution delicately rolled down her body, dripping off her thighs onto the slip resistant floor.

She felt weightless – elevated – a release unlike she’d ever felt before. She realized she never had a personal void, she was not unfulfilled. Her heart will guide her if she will be still and listen.

She gathered her items and sipped water to replenish. She could feel change from somewhere deep within. She knew this would not be her last date with the dark and joined the Float Club with enthusiastic consent.


Authors note: Floating fosters great personal creativity and inspiration, and this strange experiment in float tank erotica is a prime example. Intended for humor, I hope you enjoyed this silly short story.

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