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Love in the Float Lane: Elevate Your Relationship with a Float Date

Updated: Feb 12

While traditional dinner dates and movie nights are timeless, a float date is a unique and rejuvenating alternative that can elevate your date night and foster a deeper connection between you and your lover.  


Consider stepping outside the conventional date night, and dive into the extraordinary world of float therapy. The shared serenity, enhanced mindfulness, stress relief, and post-float bonding can make this experience a truly exceptional and memorable way to celebrate your love. So, why not float into a new dimension of connection and create a date night that both you and your partner will cherish forever?


Unplug and Connect:

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, finding moments to unplug and connect with your partner can be a challenge. Float therapy provides the perfect opportunity to escape the noise and distractions of daily life. The tank provides the ideal environment for you and your partner to disconnect from external stimuli and focus solely on each other.


Imagination and Fantasy:

Whether you find yourself choreographing an evening of sensual touching, or planning a bathroom renovation, every imaginative venture together is a delightful exploration. Use the time to travel through time and relive some of your best past dates. Or, turn your gaze toward the future, envisioning retirement plans and the laughter of great-grandchildren yet to come. Your time in the float is a canvas for your creativity, an opportunity to mold your thoughts into any shape you desire. So, indulge in the richness of your own imagination, savoring the freedom to let your mind dance through the endless possibilities.


All the Feels:

The safe and welcoming, almost womb like kindness of the environment allows you to explore your thoughts and emotions in a safe and peaceful setting. This heightened state of mindfulness can foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other. If you had a recent squabble or disagreement, you could spend time analyzing the issue from the other person’s perspective, and consider how your own beliefs are impacting the outcome. After some introspection, you may find that you’re better able to communicate your feelings to your partner.


Relieving Stress is Sexy:

It's well-established that stress reduction is a swift route to revving up one's libido, and float tanks, being exceptional stress relievers, might just set the stage for some amorous moments. Knowing that you’ll both be lying in the buff, a top a supple satin solution may have already brought a mischievous grin to your face. To add to the steaminess, your smooth, post-float skin can make it a challenge to resist the urge for intimacy. Another practical aspect that adds a touch of allure to float dates is the provision of two showers. This ensures an impeccably clean canvas, creating an enticing environment for intimate play.


Now, here comes the significant disclaimer: engaging in intimate activities in the float tank not only goes against the rules but also carries a substantial financial penalty. Beyond the financial consequences, it's crucial to acknowledge that attempting such endeavors is more than just uncomfortable for all parties involved. Trust us on this one—reserve your desires for an appropriate setting. The anticipation will only heighten the thrill of your next intimate encounter and jeopardizing $1,000 for compromising a float tank or our facilities would be a colossal mood-killer.


Post-Float Bonding:

After the float session, you and your partner can extend the bonding experience by sharing your thoughts and reflections in the post float lounge. Take the extra time to relax together, enjoy a cup of tea, and discuss the unique sensations and insights you gained during the float. This post-float bonding can deepen your connection and create lasting memories. You may have big things to share and compare after your float. 

oGoFloat exudes a perpetual romantic ambiance, bathed in the gentle glow of salt lamps. The soft illumination and healthy foliage create a soothing oasis. Immerse yourself in this romantic atmosphere, and discover the enchantment while you replenish your energy in this inviting space.

The relationship you build with your float practice isn’t much different than the one you’ve built with your significant other. The bond forged in a romantic relationship should provide a safe and secure space for vulnerability, fostering a deep connection that helps navigate life's ups and downs; as should your float practice.


Inviting your partner to join you on your salty journey is an intimate and vulnerable ask. Whether you’re floating alongside your partner in the same tank, or in separate tanks concurrently, you’re still there, close enough to reach out and touch the quantum realm together.  You won't get that at the movies.


*At the time of publication oGoFloat does not have a tank intended to adequately offer couples floats, even though we would love to. We have two tank rooms so you can still absolutely come together and float at the same time, in separate tanks. You can read all of our thoughts about tandem/couples floats in this blog post:


Here are our best Date Night Edition #FloatTips to make sure your date a massive success!

Don't shave or wax before your float

We know you want to look and feel your best for your upcoming Float Date, but for the most enjoyable float experience, skip shaving or waxing before your float. The high density salt solution can sting those tiny open pores. If you want to shed your winter coat, feel free to bring a razor and tidy up in your post float shower. #practicesafesalt


Play with your senses post float

Plan some time after your Float Date to play with your senses. After taking

a 90 minute break, your senses are primed and so ready to accept new information. #putmeincoach

It's commonly reported that food tastes better, music moves you harder, and touch is electrifying! Take advantage of this heightened sensory state to trade massages or share a special meal. Imagine all the fun you will have dialing into every physical sensation.


Don't wear tight fitting clothes

It can be a real challenge to get leggings or tights back on after a float. The room is quite hot and humid, and you're still a little wet. It can be a sticky situation.

Although it's totally normal to highlight your curves and feel your best on date night, consider wearing something just as sexy that isn't snug against your skin.


Save the spicy stuff for later

Save the overly spirited slap and tickle, enthusiastic love nudging, or mischievous rendezvous until after your float. Scratches, cuts, sensitive skin, especially delicate skin that has recently experienced micro tearing, is more likely to experience irritation in the high density salt solution. #practicesafesalt


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