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My dry spell: Time away from a regular float practice

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

[Author's note: this blog post was written back in the thick of building oGoFloat, and during a time I was unable to float consistently. Rather than change the details to align with today's reality I've maintained the language as it was then]

When I first started floating the frequency was sporadic; basically, whenever I could get to Float Space in Kelowna. Once I decided a float centre was in my future I made it a priority to float every week, usually on a Sunday to give my work week an extra boost of happy. After I put a float tank in my home I started floating a lot more frequently. Since I’ve moved into my new home (and the future home of oGoFloat) – I haven’t set up the tank; waiting for the construction dust to settle.

Now that I can’t just jump into the tank whenever I want, I’ve noticed quite a few changes in my mind, body, and spirit. I miss consistent floating so much and I can’t wait until I can get back into a regular practice. Until then, I will have to work harder to achieve the serenity that was so much easier to find in the tank.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

I’ve gained weight.

I’m quicker to speak before thinking things through.

I take longer to make decisions, and then waiver on those decisions.

I drink more alcohol.

I stress about work.

I’ve lost motivation.

I’m quicker to judge.

I feel down on myself.

I’m skipping yoga.

I can feel my mind-body connection fading (also a result of missing yoga).

I ache.

I depend on sleeping aids (for me it’s podcasts).

I procrastinate.

I miss my quiet space. My time out. The time I get to have conversations with my mind and body. This tankless time has shown me how important it is to make time for yourself, to make YOU a priority, in order to be the best person possible for those around you.

We are working hard to get oGo Float up and running, and we’re doing most of the work ourselves, while juggling full time jobs and family life. It will still be months before the tank is up and running, and that seems like forever. Time has a funny way of going so quickly, and yet so slowly at the same time.

The float tank represents the carrot dangling in front, keeping me motivated to get this place built, but the irony is that I would probably be more motivated and on task if I was able to float regularly, not to mention able to make better decisions.

What I miss the most about floating is being able to host floats for other people. I miss watching people’s faces as they emerge from the void, just a little bit taller, a little more confident, and with that oh-so-recognizable post float glow that radiates serenity. Floating improves the quality of life for those willing to dedicate to a practice, to dig a little deeper, to really listen and learn from themselves. I miss being able to provide the vessel to your better self.

Stay tuned future floaters. I am working hard to bring you (and I) a float centre worthy of your continued personal evolution.

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