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Connecting souls: The magic of couple floats

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

At this time oGo Float is not set up to offer couples floats. We have two traditional tanks that are not large enough for two people. Some day that will change, but in the meantime, I still want to talk about it.

Floating is such a special experience. Spending time alone is so beneficial to our mental stability, self confidence and outlook on life. Floating is a personal journey all your own. So then why is couples floating a thing? Why would you want someone else intruding on your personal space? Well, because it’s amazing to share that special experience with someone you care deeply for.

Couples floating is a whole different practice than a solo float practice. I’ve logged hundreds of hours in a float tank solo, and maybe 30 hours with my partner(s). It’s very different and yet so similar all at the same time. Couples floating isn’t just for lovers. Sometimes parents float with children, best friends, or siblings. It’s only nakedness.

I knew almost immediately that my life was going to be in some way focused around floating; I felt a connection to the quiet in a deep way. I knew this was something special and I wanted to be part of it. In my pursuit of research and due diligence I sought out a nearby float centre that offered couples floating in their Floataway cabin built for two. I was not expecting to enjoy this, but thought I should give it a shot, you know, for research.

I couldn’t imagine someone else interfering on my precious float time. How would we manage to get through it without constantly bumping into each other? How was I going to be totally zoned in on my practice with someone else rubbing up against me? During our pre-shower, and more than once, we looked at each other and just starting laughing! This whole idea seemed so absurd to us. What we experienced was far from outrageous and has left us with a huge appreciation for couples floating!

The first time we floated together wasn’t the greatest (sound familiar?). We floated head-to-toe, so that our heads were on opposite sides of the tank. Like this:

I was worried that his toes would veer and poke me in the eye, just the idea of having your face that close to someone else’s feet? – it bothered me. Then half way through the float he fell asleep and starting snoring. Boisterous roars thundered through the tiny enclosed walls and I thought … oh great so much for peace and quiet. Despite all the issues when the time was up we sat up, smiled at each other and overall had a pretty decent float. We talked about it on the way home and thought of ways to improve it.

Since my first tandem float I have learned a few things.

  1. Don’t avoid bumping into each other – give into sharing this space with someone else and become one unified entity,

  2. There are far better positions than laying oppositely to one another,

  3. Don’t fall asleep, and if you do, I will pinch you awake.

Our float host, Float Space, aided our couples float journey by offering positions for consideration. We would adapt them to work for us. We experimented with many different positions and expect that there are many more we haven’t discovered.

My favorite position is an X (pictured below and above). The larger human will lay down as normal and the other will slip their legs on either side of the other's torso. Then gently lay down and stretch your legs under the other's shoulders, tucking the tops of your feet beneath their shoulders. In this position our genitals are almost directly lined up and from here we learned to float as one solid unit. I’ve floated side by side clasping hands (otter style), or intertwining fingers but this felt different. This truly felt like we were one being floating through space together.

Photo credit to Float Space. Thank you so much for making an image of an otherwise impossible to describe position.

When we became float unified is when the magic started. When I float with my partner I focus almost entirely on them. I think about all the times they've been there for me when I need, or even when I didn’t. All the little things they do around the house that sometimes I neglect to notice, and I imagine us growing old together. I think about their hopes and dreams and ponder how I can better support them. Couples floating has been a fantastic bonding experience, and I can’t tell you how much I recommend it.

That first float centre we went to, Cloud 9 Float Spa in Coquitlam, BC said their couples tank is their busiest one. After all, you can spend a date night at the movie theater not talking to each other, or you can spend that time in a float tank bonding on a spiritual level and not talk to each other. I vote for the latter.

Floating together is a profound way of becoming absolutely intimate with each other, without being… you know… intimate. We must address it, what about sex in the float tank? Float tanks hold 800+lbs of Epsom salt. If you’ve ever floated with a cut or burn, you know the pain. Imagine that acute burning in your special places? *shutter*. No float centre wants to worry about people getting frisky in their tanks and leaving behind the evidence. I truly believe most float customers wouldn’t consider it, but at the same time, people are naked, the water is warm and feels silky against your skin. I get it, but I don’t get it. To be abundantly clear, couples floating is about your souls connecting, not your genitals. Please treat your local float centre with more respect than a tube sock.

If couples floating is something that resonates with you, I highly encourage you to give it a try. It’s best to have a few solo floats under your belt before jumping into a duo float. I think it’s important for people to get the hang of things before they add another human to the mix. Get used to the environment, the positions where you feel comfortable and familiarize yourself with the process before attempting a couple’s float.

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