• Julie Turner

Core values: Dedicating each float to you, the community and the world

Updated: Jul 19

We aim to provide the highest quality float experiences while remaining authentic and dedicated to our core values. What are those values? What is oGoFloat dedicated to? I'm so happy to share!

Our dedication to our floaters:

We live the #SaltLife in service to floaters. We are committed to listening with respect, compassion, kindness, & empathy and to respond punctually with honesty, integrity, and sincerity. We aim to provide the highest quality dependable floats with a focus on superb cleanliness.

Our dedication to our community:

To promote wellness in the community, local small business, events, & fundraisers through sponsorship and spreading karma.

Our dedication to the world:

Exercising appreciation and reverence for the environment by shopping locally and consciously. To spend every day promoting floating with the belief that floating could change the world.

Our dedication to ourselves:

To continue to learn and educate ourselves and share that knowledge with current and future floaters. To maintain passion & curiosity with the help of our favorite tool – the float tank!

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144 Chambers Place, Penticton, BC 



By appointment only, open most days 8am - 10pm