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Let's Get Nerdy Together!

This blog post is inspired by our upcoming annual attendance at the Penti-Con. Usually at trade shows I'm the weird one, telling people all about the wonders of these cosmic womb cocoons, but at Penti-Con I'm just one of many weirdos. The sense of belonging and acceptance among the crowd is what I strive to emulate here at oGoFloat.

You belong here at oGoFloat. You fit in here. You are so very welcome here.

oGo Float Julie at Penti-con

Nerds were once the outsiders, the ones deemed uncool and socially awkward. Being labeled a 'nerd' used to be an insult, reserved for those who preferred equations and imagination over superficial social interactions. But times have changed. The narrative has shifted, and being a 'nerd' is no longer a derogatory term.

oGo Float Nerd

Today, being a nerd means being deeply passionate about specific interests—whether it's technology, science, mathematics, gaming, comic books, fantasy, or any other niche. It's about having an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a relentless drive to explore and understand the things that captivate us. In truth, deep down, every one of us is a nerd about something. From crocheting, to carpentry, or shibari, we all have that one thing that ignites our curiosity and fuels our passion. If you like stuff, can't get enough of it, and actively seek out new information about that stuff, you’re a nerd.

oGo Float friends at Penti-con 2022

In a world where everyone nerds out about something, why does it matter? Our collective shift toward tolerance and acceptance has allowed us to appreciate the value of expertise. Thanks to the vast expanse of the internet, we recognize that someone out there is eager for the knowledge we possess. Our passions connect us, bridging gaps and breaking down barriers. When we embrace our passions, we understand the fervor others feel for their interests, even if they differ from our own. This shared enthusiasm binds us together, fostering a sense of community, understanding, and acceptance, and it makes our floaty heart's flutter.

Penti-con friends at oGoFloat

The beauty of our nerdiness lies in its power to unite us. Events like world-renowned Comic-Con, or our very own Penti-Con exemplify this inclusivity. These gatherings create judgment-free zones where love for our passions reigns supreme. Regardless of our backgrounds—be it class, race, or religion—we are all equal, standing on the same playing field of enthusiasm and love. It's this love that has the potential to transform the world, elevating the vibrational frequency of our planet.

At Penti-Con, we discovered a vibrant community beyond the surface of fun and enjoyment. Among the attendees were artists and cosplayers who recognized floating as a muse, inspiring them to conjure new and imaginative creations. We encountered self-proclaimed introverts who embraced the opportunity to spend uninterrupted 90 minutes alone in contemplation. Meeting individuals on the autism spectrum, we shared how floating provides respite from sensory overload, offering a serenity educing sensory stay-cation. These experiences revealed that many attendees were more than just fellow nerdy enthusiasts—they were eager floaters waiting to be introduced to the tranquility of floating.

At oGoFloat, above all other things, we're float nerds. We delve deep into the world of floating, exploring its benefits, risks, and endless possibilities. We attend Float Conferences and stay current with the Float Research Collective to fuel our passion. We're constantly researching, absorbing every bit of information to enhance your float experience. These wonderful time-out-tubs never get old. We are so happy to be your float host and help guide you to a rewarding float practice. All you need to do, is get here, and Relax Harder.

So, what do you geek out over? What makes your heart race with excitement? Whatever it is—whether it's Lego, Pokémon, or even writing float tank erotica—embrace it. Your passion matters, and we wholeheartedly support your pursuit of it.

Visit us at the Penti-Con to celebrate our nerdy passions together and change the world, one enthusiastic pursuit at a time.

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