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Welcome to our super cozy float tank studio.


oGoFloat is a private sanctuary of serenity, designed to inspire you to relax harder than you ever have before. You will be hosted by kind humans who are excited to share in the benefits of float therapy with you. 


Penticton's foremost relaxation destination is nestled discreetly in a peaceful residential neighborhood.


Please poke around the website. You'll find a bunch of great information for newcomers and seasoned float enthusiasts alike. Reach out to us anytime.  

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Why We Float

Life doesn't need to be an endless list of stuff we need to do, places to be, and productivity to accomplish. Step off the busy train and step into a dense solution of warm silky salt water. Lay back atop a mattress of magnesium, breathe, rest, and allow your nervous system to take a break from all that doing.


This may be the most relaxing experience you've ever had. 

Maybe it's physical pain relief, mental wellness, overall increased enjoyment and quality of life, or simply curiosity. No matter what got you here, you will emerge feeling lighter, happier, and more in alignment with your true self. 

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