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Harvest Promotion

Gardening season is over and we've seen your social media posts proudly displaying a bountiful stash of homemade canned goods. All those pickles, relishes, and jelly's got us thinking. We poured our heart and soul into building a float studio so our community would have access to this amazingly versatile technology to improve and heal their lives, and hopefully to feed our family.

We've come up with a promotion to support your passion, feed our family, and pay it forward to the community!

We're turning your canned goods into FLOAT DOLLARS!

Bring in a homemade food item anything from pickles and other canned goods, dried herbs, meats, fish - you name it, we'll find a place for it. Do you have a different, less food related passion that you think oGoFloat would benefit from? Give us a shout and tell us all about it!

*For each homemade item you will earn $5 off your float purchase!*

Bring in a donation for the food bank. Floaters are a loving bunch, and we want to send that floaty love back into the community. We will collect and deliver items to The Salvation Army Penticton food bank.

*For each food bank item you will earn $1 off your float purchase!*


This promotion will continue until the end of 2019.
Items are expected to be non-expired and in usable condition.

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Open 7 days a week, by appointment. 
Book online, phone or email to schedule your float!
Phone or email for Gift Certificates.  
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144 Chambers Place, Penticton, BC 



By appointment only, open most days 7am - 10pm