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My muse; floating for creativity

Updated: Apr 1

I never considered myself an overly creative person. Most of my creative thinking went into making data merge programs and excel sheets, which I didn’t see as creative endeavors. I do now.

Floating sparked my inspiration and imagination unlike anything else. In my early adult life I don’t remember painting, drawing, or writing. I’ve never been overly good at those things, so it never occurred to me to waste time or money doing them. I didn’t realize what I was missing.

Kids don’t colour, draw, and sculpt things because they’re particularly good at it, they do it because it’s fun and makes them feel good. Remember when you were a kid and would play in the big boxes that the toys came in? A float tank is like a big play fort where your brain can travel through time and space and visit alternate dimensions.

Floating encouraged me to make more, to share more, to risk more. Creativity can be any form of creation used to put yourself in a peaceful happy state. Maybe you feel your most creative when you’re learning a new recipe, designing a great outfit from the thrift store, or busting a move to the latest Tiktok trend. It’s so beneficial to play with different mediums and flex your imagination.

After a few floats you’ll be able to list a handful of great ideas that come to you either in the tank, or shortly after your float. Hang out at your local float center long enough and you will meet some really cool creative cats. It could be argued that floating attracts creative people, but I suspect it’s more likely floating brings out the creative in all of us.


  1. It’s a Muse. Silence the continually running loud engine part of your brain and listen to the orchestra playing underneath. Your mind holds so many delicious ideas just waiting for you to shut up and discover them.

  2. Visualization. When you can see the final project and imagine how you’ll feel when you get there, it’s a lot easier to stay on task and reach your goal. It’s an opportunity to organize your thoughts and open brain bandwidth. Get it done energy.

  3. Fight Fear. I don’t think I’m alone when I say part of what holds me back from finishing a project is the pesky inner dialogue that says “what if it’s not good enough?”. We fear being judged. We fear failure.


The biggest gift floating has given me is feeling good about myself and having the confidence to try stuff and put myself out there more. I’ve been a weirdo for as long as I can remember. I’ve felt pressures to fit in and often tried to muzzle myself, but inevitably my passion, strong voice, and over exaggerated eyebrows would out me as the strange girl. Floating allowed me to accept and love who I am through self compassion and forgiveness. I truly like myself (well... most days) and feel confident using my voice to navigate my way in this world. I’m kinder to myself which allows me to take more risks and try things I might not have otherwise considered. I’ve learned to forgive myself when an idea falls flat.

Thanks to the tank, I’ve found so much more compassion for others. I think everyone feels like a weirdo at times and we’re all experiencing this weird thing called life in different ways. Everyone has something they can geek out about; some fandom, talent, or skill that you share with such a miniscule percentage of the population. Celebrate what makes you different and have fun with it.

You can't be creative unless you embrace your weird. Trust your intuition run with it.


Maybe you already fancy yourself an artist. Perhaps you make music, art, or you’re an architect of great buildings. Often the things we love to do, and are good at, also need to pay the bills. Ask wealthy people and they’ll tell you they didn’t get there without some creativity. If you depend on your musing mind to turn a dollar, then I know there’s been times when you’ve hit roadblocks or periods of low inspiration. It’s scary depending on your mind generating new ideas to make a living.

When you find yourself in a time of lulled brilliance, come float! Better yet, spur your inventive self with 3 floats in 1 week. One of my favourite Float Conference presentations is from Jennifer Langdon who shares her story about floating for pain and creativity, the whole video is available HERE, and please go watch it in it's entirety, but this is my favourite 30 second snippet.


Most of my creativity comes out in the form of memes, blog posts, newsletters, social media ideas and promotions. I enjoy doing them, I have the choice not to do them, but I also acknowledge that these activities have the underlying purpose of earning money. So, I make a conscious effort to do extra things that bring me zero financial incentive like baking, colouring, painting, reading.




(boring links because this isn't the platform for interactive visual sharing)

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